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A quick note from Dr. Anil Dassi It's a clinically proven fact, that Semenax increases sperm count by 70% in 60 days Senior consultant & Medical expert
Dr. Loren M. Denson
Detailed review of Semenax

Urology Care Alliance, American Board of Urology

Does Semenax Really Work (Clinical Review)?


Semenax sperm volume pills is a product that has taken over the world of sexual health with its unique characteristics. Today, you can enhance your sexual performance level to the highest peak and in the possible natural ways. The essential ingredients of Semenax are the Swedish-Flower, L-Lysine, and L-Arginine. They seamlessly integrate with your body elements to increase your sexual drive. 


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Such an essential need for an increase in the amount of sperm did not go unnoticed in the medical world. It is a question not only of fertility, but also it's about sex appeal and true experience of prolonged ejaculation.


We will try to answer the most important questions that concern the use of the Semenax pills, which can actually increase the sperm amount by 500%.

This is exactly the supplement that is used in the porn industry and was previously available only for its own use and the Semenax formula was created on request. It combined plant extracts, which positive influence on the male potency was clinically proven.

Some components significantly increased the volume of the male sperm produced by the body.

Emphasis was placed on this. Later the formula became accessible to the public at large, but so far only the lucky few have used it since there is an essential need in an increase in the amount of sperm in men, but few know that the amount of sperm can actually be increased without harm to health.

  So, in this article you will learn:


    • Why you have to increase the amount of sperm?

    • What causes the problem of a small amount of sperm in men?

    • How does the increase in sperm affect the overall tone of male potency?

    • How long to wait for results and how to evaluate the effectiveness of taking Semenax pills?

    • Who is the manufacturer and can you trust the formula?

    • Semenax price.


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 So, why should a man produce more sperm?


    • Many men lack confidence because of a small amount of sperm after ejaculation. And, if the first ejaculation result is weak, then the second one is almost no sperm. Insecurity is caused by the mismatch between the sexual partner’s expectations of the orgasm to the realities that ultimately take place to be. Simply put, your sexual partner may be disappointed in your masculine power or even think that orgasm or ejaculation is weak because of his lack of attraction or his incompetence as a lover.

    • The more sperm you ejaculate, the stronger and longer the orgasm and the more pleasures you get. Endless pulsation after the orgasm and an incredible amount of sperm create a truly powerful visual effect and give immense pleasure to a man who is capable to ejaculate a large amount of sperm.

    • Porn industry creates the image of an ideal lover as well as the fashionable cover of magazines shows trends for women. Today, slim, beautiful girls are in fashion who dress beautifully and look sexy. Similarly, women pay attention to men who look like something out of a magazine. And when it comes to sex, they expecting for a large and straight cock, sex hours, satisfaction, multiple orgasms and, of course, massive ejaculation, which corresponds to the status of a real lover. That's why men buy pills to eliminate premature ejaculation, enhance erection and increase the amount of sperm.

    • A large amount of sperm uniquely improves the quality of sex. Whatever your reason for producing a poor amount of sperm, you always have a chance to fix it by taking natural extracts in the form of the Semenax formula. You will see the difference between taking the pills and do not want to give up new opportunities.


What are the Low Sperm Count Causes?


If you think that alone you can increase the amount of sperm with pills, you are deeply mistaken. The problem of low sperm count in a man has a complex cause. And in order to fight this, you need to generally restore the male potency and all its functions that are not fully operational. Semenax complex effects on male potency: it strengthens the erection, enhances stamina in sex, strengthens ejaculation and helps to be more easily aroused.


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 And the main causes of the problem with male potency or the amount of sperm remain unchanged:


  • Smoking
    The circuit about smoking is this: the more you smoke cigarettes a day - the less sperm you can accumulate. That is ideally to completely give up smoking during the period when you take Semenax tablets.

  • Alcohol
    The effect of alcohol is especially detrimental to male potency. The fact is that alcohol promotes infertility and reduces the production of sperm in the body. Abstinence from alcohol is the first thing you should do in the fight against a low sperm count.

  • Excess weight
    Excess weight stops men from wins in all spheres of life. Obesity in male potency it is a catastrophe. The layers of fat that surround the testicles can give rise to overheating, which adversely affects sperm cells and their quantity. Doing sports will help you get rid of excess weight, just like a diet with a lower fat content.

  • Overheating
    Too hot bathroom, laptop on your lap, heaters next to you. All this has a detrimental effect on the production of sperm in the body. Try to avoid overheating in order not only to produce more sperm but not to expose yourself to other problems with a potency that can be caused by overheating of the testicles.

  • Excessive masturbation or sex
    Undoubtedly, if you want to surprise your sexual partner and get pleasure from prolonged ejaculation, you need to have less sex or masturbate. Many men masturbate daily, and some - even several times a day. This adversely affects the production of sperm in the body and can lead to a constantly low count of sperm.



How Does the Amount of Sperm Affect the Overall Tone of Male Potency?


When we talk about increasing the amount of sperm in a man, we are talking about enhancing his potency in general.


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If you take Semenax, it means that besides increasing the amount of sperm, we will see an improvement in sexual functions: more powerful erection, better excitability and so on.

All because of the active ingredients of the formula which contain extracts of herbs and plants that positively affect the male reproductive system. What does it mean to increase the amount of sperm for men? This is not only a visual component. More sperm is longer ejaculation, the brighter experience of orgasm and more pleasure from reaching orgasm as a whole. Your orgasm will be really incredible.


How Long to Wait for Semenax Results?


So, we have heard enough predictions about how we can increase the amount of sperm with the help of Semenax. But how do we know that this works if we start taking the pills? How to evaluate the result and progress? Many men want to understand how soon they will see positive changes in the amount of sperm.

  We assessed hundreds of customer reviews and based on a medical analysis of published clinical studies we can say with confidence:


  • Positive changes begin after a week of taking Semenax. You can have prolonged pleasure from sex, as the erection becomes stronger and the orgasm lasts longer than usual.

  • Already in 2-3 weeks, there is better control of ejaculation, you really see the changes and can assess them.

  • In about a month you will be able to estimate the increase in the amount of sperm even with the naked eye. The difference is always noticeable, although the result for every man is achieved at different times. Someone sees how the amount of sperm has grown 1.5 times already a month after the starting the course. Someone sees a sperm increase of 200-300%. But it is worth noting that Semenax is truly a universal formula that works effectively for everyone. We know stories that many men took Semenax without even having a problem with a low sperm count. But they wanted to increase it, so they took Semenax and the result was even more impressive.

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Semenax ingredients revealed


The Semenax semen volume pills contain L-Arginine, Muira Pauma, L-lysine which significantly affect male reproductive function. What does this mean?

 The impact of these ingredients affects:


    • Production of vesicle fluid is increased by 70%.

    • The production of prostate gland fluid also increased by 25%.

    • The emission of Seminal plasma is enhanced.

    • The amount of Bulbourethral gland fluid is also increased. It responsible for the correct consistency of sperm.


In order to buy high-quality supplements, it is very important to know the product itself, reviews it and use the opportunity to ask questions to the manufacturer. Today, such public information is a kind of insurance for your own health. Pills for increasing the amount of sperm have not been formally clinically approved, which means that the risks associated with the purchase of such tablets lie on you.

But this does not mean that Semenax, Volume Pills or Spermomax do not work. It just means that the medicine officially is not ready to consider drugs of this type as the treatment. In this regard, the buyer must clearly understand what kind of product he buys, how it works and who produced it. By this formula, you need to check absolutely all the supplements that you buy, whether it's a pill to increase testosterone level, a synthesized protein or vitamins that strengthen the memory.



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  So, what should a competent buyer know about Semenax pills:


    • Semenax sperm enhancement pill has been a market-player for ten years and this product has gained a good reputation due to the results it gives.

    • You can read thousands of reviews about Semenax semen enhacement supplement, not only on the official website but also on forums about potency enhancement.

    • Today, hundreds of thousands of websites have made their own pills reviews and you can read the opinion of bloggers about Semenax. On average, 8 out of 10 publications recommend Semenax.

    • Social media and video hosting services like Youtube today are filled with information about Semenax.

    • Semenax is a patented product. This means that another such formula simply does not exist and any other pills will never become Semenax, even those with a similar composition. The secret to the formula is in the proper production process, proportions and laboratory synthesis, which ensures the quality of the product.

    • The manufacturer of Semenax is the famous American pharmaceutical company of Leading Edge Herbals, which is known for its impeccable reputation. All information about the company is open public. The support works for each product which the company sells


The official guarantee of effectiveness is something that practically no one offers or offers just in words. All Leading Edge Herbals products are provided by a 67-day money-back guarantee if you did not receive the promised result, including the well-known VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, Provestra, Total Curve, Prosolution Pills and others.



What is the Price of Semenax?


The best place to buy Semenax is the official website of the company. But a lot of big stores today sell Semenax. For example, you can buy pills on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, GNC and even AliExpress. But at the same time, you overpay and do not get an official guarantee. You will not be able to contact support and get all the bonuses when you order. So, what is the optimal period for using Semenax? That's at least 1 month, for significant results - 3 months.


How to Get Semenax in any Country in the World?


Semenax cannot be bought in a regular pharmacy in your city. To purchase an official product, you need to place an order on the manufacturer's website: When ordering, you will need to specify your home address and the parcel will be sent to anywhere in the world(including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and others) by regular or express mail. In order to place an order, you need to go to the official website and fill out the short order form. Then you can choose the suitable package and place after paying with a credit card.


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Semenax Ingredients



Most of the times, your natural drive gets suppressed due to the ever-increasing psychological pressure in your workplace. The whole day you remain active on your schedule and as the day turns into dusk, your body tends to get affected by fatigue and your mind gets preoccupied with tension and depression. This phenomenon is reversed by the Swedish-flower, which naturally revitalizes your body and mind.


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The other ingredient L-Arginine is a supportive ingredient that also plays the lead role in enhancing your sexual drives. The soothing feeling you get just before the love-play is a very vital factor in preparing you for the action. You are no longer under the grip of depression, and your drive starts taking roots from your brain cells and slowly but surely spreads into your vital nerves that connect to your penis and the surrounding sensual regions.


The ingredients also help you in enhancing your sensual feelings during foreplay. Many times men tend to get into a non-performance mindset due to their previous failures. The feeling is mainly due to the suppressed sexual hormone levels. The ingredient Swedish Flower clears your stress level and enables a smooth flow of hormones into your blood system.


The initial penetration also sometimes causes men to shudder, and this is the stage most men end up with premature ejaculation. The natural ingredients of Semenax seal the physical urge to ejaculate and help you in focusing your complete attention on pleasuring your partner. This unique phenomenon has increased the popularity of the pill.

Real Semenax Results



As your love game proceeds, you might observe a feeling of sensuality taking over your partner as she starts moving towards her first orgasm. This is where your sustenance needs to be strengthened. Semenax eases the blood flow within your penis nerves and prolongs the love-making session. Your body develops the resistance power to withhold your own excitement and makes you go on and on.


The orgasmic feelings of your partner are now set in line with your own. You climax together, and the satisfaction of using Semenax is clearly visible in the sweat beads you set on her forehead.


semenax comparison


Please visit the official Semenax website to find out how to order the product, the amount of dosage to use, the actual price of the product and the exact results to expect. You have to know that Semenax is a well-trusted product that is top rated on our website. We have made this review after we received clinical study results. 
$ 59.95 - 1 bottle
$ 154.95 - 3 bottles
$ 289.95 - 6 bottles
$ 399.95 - 12 bottles
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630 87%


51 7%


44 6%
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My sperm volume became much bigger. The orgasms are fantastic. My girlfriend likes it. Thanks for this effective pills


I fell more confident after using these pills, it helps do enhance sexual performance


I have never had such great sex like with Semenax!


Thank you Semenax! You changed my life!


This supplement helps me to last longer and gives me more semen, my orgasms are more powerful


I've spent a month or so to choose an appropriate sperm volume enhancer. I bought Vimax volume pills with no results. Semenax is the right pill, I'm telling you. And it works fast, i bought only 1 bottle to try and after 7 days I saw the improvement. 2x times more sperm than usual, i even tried to masturbate daily. More sperm after 2-3 ejaculations during an hour. I'm continue to use this product, it's not expensive and provide guaranteed results


I'm happy to say that this product work for me. I use it at least 7 months and I'm satisfied with the results, because my sperm loads became stronger. I have 2 times more sperm than before. The orgasms are longer and wider thanks to Semenax

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