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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you looking for answers to ordering supplements online? We have received hundreds of emails regarding product shipping, payment, product availability, refund and side effects questions. We understand that there are tons of questions that prevent customers from buying online. The most common question is "How to order this product in my country". This question concerns worldwide product shipping and we have answered it too. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions:


We will show you how to track your parcel online.


If you ordered a product with a priority delivery through one of the services like DHL, UPS, FedEx, then you can count on the possibility of tracking the parcel.


Today, many ordinary postal services provide such tracking. If you did not receive a letter from the seller with a tracking number of the parcel, try to request it and find out the status of sending.


You will learn how to order a free product.


This is quite a relevant offer on many websites. Before you buy, you are asked to get a minimum amount of supplements, creams or gels. Often, you only need to pay for the shipment and really try to use the proposed formula for free.

To be honest, there is only a factor of rapprochement with the visitor, since you still need to take the pills for a long time to get the effect. But here the cream or gel can work instantly and then it's really the best offer to try it for free. This is a very common practice, which does not need to be abandoned.

We will suggest how to order the product by phone.

If you cannot place an order on the website, it's best to contact customer support by phone and place an order while communicating with the operator.

Sometimes the website even specifies your visitor ID which can give a discount, especially if you came to the site on the special offer. Do not hesitate to call customer service and ask all your questions about the product and placing an order.

We will suggest how to request a refund if the goods have not yet been received, but have already been paid for.

If you paid for the goods, and the parcel is still not received and not even sent (no tracking), then the seller has violated the terms of the purchase and delivery of the goods and you have the right to demand from him a refund for the late delivery of the goods.

If you made a purchase on an unknown website from a dubious seller and you did not get a refund, then you need to call the bank or write to the PayPal about the situation.

We will tell you how to save your personal information, which you enter for the purchase of goods.


Your personal data that you enter on the website of the tablets seller can get into third hands, especially if you buy goods on websites where there is no privacy policy. This means that while making a purchase, your email, name and home address can get into the wrong hands.

You can receive spam or information about your purchase will be published in public sources. Nowadays, personal information can be more expensive than money on your credit card, which means that you need to purchase on trusted websites.

Do not trust cheap offers for pills because good products are expensive and niche of food supplements is no exception.


You will learn how to avoid side effects from purchased pills.


As a rule, side effects can be observed in products that do not have any reputation and produced under unknown and unreliable brands and there are lack of information about the company, its contacts and the money-back policy on seller's website. Most products in the bio additives market are inefficient on their basis.

They do not help to solve the problem and can contain ingredients that are either not natural or can cause allergies. To avoid this, never buy bio additives from dubious sellers with a bad reputation or with lack of it.

How to identify a truly effective product for solving your problems


In some niches for health carrying, such as male enhancement, there is a clear glut of products. For example, there is Viagra or Cialis to solve problems with potency cardinally, but there are also more than 1000 allegedly natural competitors. What are these products?



How could they be trusted? How effective are they? How to identify a leader? There may be dozens more such kind of questions but only one solution is needed. Let's learn how to find the most effective, popular and natural pills to solve a particular problem.


The scheme is as follows:

1. Determine your problem and its name. If this is the name of the problem, its definition is always on Google and on websites like Wikipedia, WebMD


2. Next, you need to find a natural product that is relevant to the topic and solving the problem. You can use Google, Amazon, and you can search for products on websites with product ratings, like our one. We also have a section “Male enhancement”, where there are a clear three leaders which experts and buyers vote;


3. If you find the top product on our website or elsewhere, it's important to make sure that the product really works and it's really natural. We give the opportunity to post reviews and opinions on our website. They should be the determining factor for the choice of pills. Moreover, it is desirable to read reviews on different sites: on forums, blogs, social networks, on sites like Yahoo and Google Answers;


4. It is better to buy food supplements on the official website of the distributor. So you can get an official money back guarantee, a better price, gifts and be sure of the originality of the goods. You have correctly understood, that there are a lot of fakes of well-known brands in the market. The niche of male enhancement here is no exception;

5. Compare products. Choose the top products in the niche and compare them by their characteristics: the list of ingredients, side effects, success rate, the first results. We made a convenient tool for comparing products on our site and you can use comparative tables or compare one product with another using the compare function.

What if the goods are detained at customs due to lack of certification or for other reasons


Different countries have different customs regulations and it happens that the goods are simply delayed at the customs. Often this happens with bio additives that are not certified in this particular country. Sometimes customs officers have questions about the goods to the sender or the recipient.


You should know that if your goods have not passed customs, you have the right to demand a refund from the seller. Only the sender is responsible for whether his goods will pass customs or not. In some cases, customs may impose additional fees that you must pay to receive it.


If you want to avoid getting trapped, you can contact the customs service of your country and directly ask whether the goods will pass customs control and whether there will be any questions for the goods carried through.


We will tell you which shipping method to choose.

As a rule, you can choose the delivery method if buying pills online on official websites. These are usual or priority delivery. Usual delivery costs less, but it's longer to wait. Priority is faster but more expensive. Pay attention to how quickly the parcel will arrive at you in both cases and estimate the delivery time. This all is very individual.


How to return the funds, in case if the goods are not suitable you

Today, most respected companies that sell pills offer the money back guarantee for a certain period after the purchase.


Usually, it is 30-60 days and sometimes 90. For example, if you bought pills to increase the potency and did not see the result, then within the specified period of money back guarantee, you can return the goods and return the money paid for it.


If you made a purchase of a product and it did not arrive or did not arrive in the proper condition (the wrong volume, the wrong packaging, and name, torn packaging), you, first of all, should write to the website support service where the purchase was made and tell about the problem.


In case if there was no response and there is no answer by any means of communication specified on the site, you can call your bank and cancel the transaction specifying the reason. If the purchase was made through PayPal, it's much better.


Since you can make a PayPal dispute with the seller and get your money back with a higher probability than if you were buying with a credit card. Banks can proceed or not proceed the return of funds. There are many individual bank processes for refunds on disputed transactions. PayPal supports a single refund policy and it is easily applied to unscrupulous sellers.

How to identify a good online seller and exclude purchases from scammers


Today hundreds of bio-additives are sold on the so-called official distributors' websites. Often, if you do not buy pills on Amazon, you need to make sure that you are actually making a purchase on the official website of the manufacturer. How to identify a legal trusted seller from a fraudster who wants to sell you a substandard product and not be responsible for it:




1. Make sure that there is a detailed contact information (company name, physical address, phone number, email) on the site where you are going to make the purchase;


2. It is desirable that the company's website refers to links to its brand page in social networks and it is better if it has many subscribers. This shows the level of trust;


3. Make sure that the website has a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions section to be sure that the company will not transfer your payment information to someone or spam you;


4. Its welcome when there is an online chat on the company's website where you can quickly ask questions about the product or buying online;


5. Be sure to write or call the support team before buying to make sure that the company is ready to communicate and answer questions;


6. Before buying, make sure that the page with the payment details in the URL is the address with https and the site has a valid security certificate. Without these, you must not make any payments;


7. Check if there is a mention on the site of secure online transactions (128-bit security);


8. Look, whether there is section About Us and Recommended on a website where you are going to make a purchase. Such sections must be on the website and tell about the company;


9. It is advisable to find public information about the company on the Internet before making a payment. Usually, in Google, you can find information in open catalogs, press releases on reputable websites


10. Be sure to read reviews in open sources about the company before purchasing;


11. It is advisable for a website to have a money back guarantee and clearly defined terms of refund.


If you are worried about the safety of your money on the card, we will tell you how to make purchases safely in your region.

These materials will help you. They detail how to protect your funds when making online payments for food additives:
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We answer the question whether it is possible to buy this particular product in the nearest pharmacy or any other pharmacy in your city.


Often, users on the website ask where to buy tablets in the nearest pharmacy or simply order them locally in their country. We answer with full confidence that 99% of those pills that are sold online are not available for purchase in pharmacies, due to the fact that most of the additives are not certified to the official pharmacy sale.


Most of those tablets that you want to order are delivered from the US or Europe and are not available on the local market.


How to make an online payment with your credit or debit card, PayPal or wire transfer. If you do not have the necessary payment instrument, we will give you tips on how to open it.


Very often, users from different countries ask how to pay online. Often, users do not have the necessary payment instruments, someone is not connected to the PayPal, some users do not have credit cards or are not allowed online transitions.


We will try to help with the piece of advice to anyone who wants to pay online. So, here are links to articles that will help you to make payment without problems:


-By a credit card
4 Simple steps to Paying online with a credit card
YouTube: How to pay online using credit prepaid debit card
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Problems with credit cards


-By Paypal
How to set up my PayPal account
How to Create a PayPal Account Without Credit or Debit Card – YouTube

Credit card and Paypal are the two main payment instruments that are accepted by all pills sellers. No matter which country you are in, you can always open a credit, debit or virtual card at your bank and get advice about online payment.


If you do not use the card for online payment, it will be enough to deposit it for the required amount, so that it was charged when you buy. Your bank protects your payment. You can always look at the charged amount, and in case of problems write to the bank and ask for a refund in cases when the seller improperly charges money for the purchase.


Similarly, the Paypal protects its users from unscrupulous sellers and you open a PayPal dispute and return your money. You should know that hundreds of millions of users on the Internet are safely make their payments, make purchases on various sites and not only on Amazon.