Male Infertility Testing 1

Male Infertility Testing

Dr. Benjamin Sandler, the Infertility Specialist at RMA of New York, talks about male infertility testing:

Infertility is defined as an inability to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse. Basically after a year of trying to conceive and not being able to achieve a viable pregnancy.

We make adjustments according to the age bracket of the patient in certainly after the age of 35 we recommend that diagnostic workup would be initiated.

The incidence of infertility is calculated to be in the general population to about 15%. So I think that it would be expected that about one out of every six couples will have some problems initially conceiving. Certainly, the incidence of infertility would vary according to the age groups of the patients, but the general causes of infertility are initially divided into female causes and male causes of infertility.

We expect that about 65-70% of all infertile couples are going to have the female cause. The remaining 30-35% would relay to a sperm issue.

Infertility causes

Of the male factors – low sperm count, low motility, and low morphology – are the primary issues.

When we do the semen analysis, the laboratory evaluates the sperm sample primarily to check the volume, which is the amount of ejaculate; the concentration, which is probably the most important parameter. Concentration has to do with some sperm cells that we find per cubic centimeter.  It is perhaps one of the most predictive variables regarding normal human fertilization capacity. So sperm count or concentration is critical, the motility percentage is significant that tells us what percentage of sperm cells move progressively. And then we also analyze what it is called the morphology which has to do with the rate of regular shapes.

semen analysis

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