What Are The Main Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is also called androgenetic alopecia. This occurs as men age, and the male hormone testosterone slowly changes to androgen or the female hormone. This leads to reduced virility and baldness.

Male pattern baldness is so called as it produces a certain pattern along with hair loss. The hair typically shapes in an’ form as it recedes backward, first from the side. Gradually it changes to ‘U’ shape as the hair becomes shorter. Hair has growth cycles. As the growth cycle ends, hair stops growing. This is a characteristic of male pattern baldness.

Another cause of male pattern baldness is genetics. It could be an inherited trait, especially if your family suffers from alopecia.

  • Medical conditions such as thyroid disease and diseases like cancer can lead to hair loss or slow hair growth. Certain medications also have side-effects. If you are a sportsperson or bodybuilder or take steroids, one of the side-effects could be hair loss. Especially if the steroids have testosterone inhibiting characteristics.Lupus can cause hair loss. Medications for thyroid disorder, depression, and contraceptives can also cause hair loss. Kidney diseases such as renal failure, bowel disease or bad liver is another reason for hair loss. Always check with the doctor to see what leads to hair loss.

Fungal conditions of the scalp or nutritional disorders can also be a cause of male pattern baldness. The medical doctor is the best person to diagnose the exact cause. There are certain pathological tests that a doctor will perform to identify the specific purpose of baldness in a person. That is, they will try to find out if the male pattern baldness is being caused by a health condition or whether it is a natural consequence of aging.


While male pattern baldness may start in older teens, especially if they have alopecia as a family trait, it is more likely to occur in adult men. As men age, they start losing hair more rapidly. Hair grows from a tiny pouch called the hair follicle. As you age, the hair follicle shrinks. If this happens, the hair growth is inhibited, and hair gets smaller over the years.

  • Stress is a major factor. People have habits of running their fingers through hair or tearing at their hair in frustration. These habits can be damaging. Emotional stress or physical stress often results in hair falling off. While physical stressors are temporary and improve with improvement in health, mental pressure is not so easy to remove. You can exercise or change your diet and routine to cope with psychological stress.

The body uses DHT or Dihydrotestosterone in hair follicles. Any dirt, scalp condition, or chemical, which increases production of DHT, then it can cause hair loss.  DHT can interact with neural receptors in hair follicles. If the receptors are very sensitive, they will react negatively to DHT production leading to hair loss. To combat this, there are anti-DHT or DHT control shampoos on the market.


Iron deficiency can also lead to hair loss. Iron is vital in producing hemoglobin. If hemoglobin is less, the cells ability to repair itself and stay healthy is less. This is because hemoglobin carries oxygen to cells.

Nutritional deficiency is a primary cause of hair loss. If your diet is lacking in necessary vitamins and nutrients, then it leads to poor cell health and low blood circulation. This can lead to hair loss. Lack of iron, vitamin A, vitamin B7, vitamin E can lead to hair loss. These vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruits.

The main component of hair is keratin. Keratin in protein. Eating a diet, which is low in proteins can lead to hair loss. Apart from lean meats, legumes are also a rich source of protein.

A good practice to prevent hair loss is to consult a nutritionist for a balanced diet. Also, if you are prone to hair loss, then you can have a food rich in essential vitamins for the hair. Such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and iron. Keeping hair moisturized is also important. For this, if your shampoos and conditioners or oils are not enough. You have to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and reducing sweetened beverages.

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