Low Sperm Count Pills. Questions And Answers 1

Increase your sperm count as it always increases the chances of fertilization.

Low sperm count pills not only increases sperm count but also helps in attaining intense orgasm. There are higher chances of pregnancy

Causes of low semen production are the presence of varicose veins around the testicles, infection of mumps virus and trauma leading to rupture of vessels blocking the supply of blood to affected testicles. Use of harmful chemicals like hydrocarbons, pesticides, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and plastic softening solutions also decrease the sperm count in the body. The warm environment is not suitable for sperm production.


Semen production in the body can be increased naturally by exercises, healthy diets, balanced diets and more intake of water. By avoiding smoking and drinking, instant increase in sperm count is observed. Masturbation and sex offer chances of sperms to replicate, so moderation is required otherwise poor semen quality, and number shall exist. Advised ejaculation interval is three days to increase the sperm count and density.

Scientifically based medication in the form of pills is available in the market for increasing sperm volume. If nature deprives you of sperms, these pills can be safely taken to enhance semen production. The main parameters affecting their selection are effectiveness, ingredients, safety, support, and speed of results apart from prices.


The most effective pill is Semen XL. Its constituents are those herbal which have been found helpful in increasing erection, size, girth, ejaculate volume along with its flow, sex drive and libido. Laboratory tests also confirm these results. The Company offers suitable discounts in prices time to time to reduce a burden on pocket. They have 120 days return policy along with 24-hour customer support service to calm queries.

Semenax, another low sperm count pill is quite effective in increasing sex stamina, semen production and improving penis erection within 120 days. With natural ingredients like pumpkin seeds, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed, boosting up of testosterone and sperm is guaranteed in the body. For perfection and best efficiency in performance combine its use with a healthy lifestyle.

Volume Pills are very effective because of herbal ingredients like Hong Hua like Fen and Xi Lan type Rou Gui which help in opening blood vessels to increase blood circulation in the penis. It results in longer erection and harder erection and is very safe. Sexual motivation and sexual performance increase with its use because of component Solidin. Sexual stamina and cardiovascular health increases in performance due to the presence of constituents like Ku Gua, San Guo type Mu and Ling Zhi.

Performer 5 is an excellent sperm pill for aged persons because with age quality of semen deteriorates. The constituents in it are gluconate of zinc, nitric oxide, aspartate of zinc, Creatine Monohydrate and L-Arginine. Gluconate of Zinc and Aspartate of Zinc are helpful in increasing testosterone amounts. Creatine Monohydrate is essential for boosting stamina and energy. Nitric oxide and L-Arginine provides a harder erection.

Healthy foods, the good quantity of water, more exercise and sperm volume pills will help to increase semen production.

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