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When a couple starts of trying for a baby, there are many differences between a man and a woman. A woman will go up by the vitamins, the books and make lifestyle changes, and she expects the man to follow suit. And very often this can cause friction, very early on in their relationship.

What is important is that man is lucky: he is producing sperm 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So there are many changes, simple changes he can make to improve his sperm health.

We know that many factors affect sperm health.


Alcohol is bad for male fertility. And the patent of drinking between men and women tend to be very different. The study shows that if you do not drink at all with a quicker time to get pregnant. But evidently, it can take up to a year. So making complicated changes are hard to sustain. Men tend to use all of their units very often, on a Friday or Saturday night vice of spreading it out during the week. And there is no safe limit for alcohol because everybody metabolizes differently. So what we advise as if you can keep your limit to under six units a week – that is less than a bottle – spread out for the week. It is much better than having all of your units in one evening.


Cigarettes are an absolute no-no. There was enough research in evidence now to show not only does it have an impact on the sperm health, but also on the future health of the baby.

Recreational drugs are the no-no and also trans-fats, processed foods again will impact on sperm.

Heat is another factor that is often ignored. So hot baths, jacuzzis, tight underpants, mobile phones in pockets, laptops on laps will all cause heat.

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And all these things together will affect or may affect the DNA – all the genetic material of the sperm.

As a couple will take the pressure off one another when it comes to lifestyle factors, for the man, this is a project over the next 4-6 months. Cut back down on alcohol, give up cigarettes, and improve your diet – lots of fruits, vegetables are rich in antioxidants, male fertility enhancement supplemens like Performer5, which will help the sperm be healthy and pay dividends.

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