What Are The Causes Of A Low Erection Hardness?

Many people would agree on the fact that a low erection hardness is one of the worst possible scenarios they can envision, when in bed with their partner. It’s a source of shame because the ability to get an erection is linked to manliness and virility. If it happens to you, then you won’t even be able to have sex and derive the pleasure, associated with this activity. But why does this happen to some men, and not others? Well, this article will shed some light on the causes of low erection hardness.

Heart disease


The first one would be heart disease. Erection hardness is directly related to the heart’s pumping power and health, and if the heart suffers, then erection strength will suffer as well. In fact, you can even use the fact that you’re getting low erection hardness to diagnose heart problems as well since they are directly related, as we’ve mentioned. So, if you have heart disease, then see the doctor immediately, as the resolving of this condition will not only be the best thing you could do for your health, but also for your penis hardness.

Plaque in blood vessels


Related to heart disease are the blood vessels, that are full of plaque. If the blood vessels aren’t clean and fully functioning, then you’ll have issues with blood flow, and as we know, blood flow is critical for achieving firm, rock-hard erections. The best way to deal with this is to watch out for your diet and the stuff that you put in your belly. Also, a bit of exercise will do wonders for the health of your veins and arteries, and it may even reverse blood vessel disease.



The third reason would be diabetes. As you see, all of our previous examples are related to heart and blood flow disease, and such is the case with this cause as well. Diabetes may harm your erection hardness in as much as it can hurt your cardiovascular system. The damage that your body can take from excessive sugar that it can’t deal with is well documented, and it’s potentially catastrophic.



If you take some erection enhancement medication, you can also suffer from low erection hardness. It’s been shown that erection problems are a potential side effect of many types of drugs, such as beta-blockers, diuretics, and muscle relaxers, among many others. Expect your erection hardness problems to resolve, once you discontinue the use of these drugs. Of course, don’t even think of doing this without a doctor’s permission, because these drugs may very well keep you alive for all they’re worth.



Obesity is yet another reason for erection problems. Many obese people and people, that have a problem with weight, report about low erection The best way to deal with this issue is by losing weight. It may seem hard to you, but it’s no way near impossible. All you need to do is to regulate your diet and engage in a healthy regime of exercise. The cocktail of diet and exercise will bring your body into tip-top shape, and you won’t have the low erection hardness problem as a by-product.



Also, never neglect the crucial importance of sleep. Sleep gives the body a chance to replenish and re-energize itself. You’d be surprised at just how many people ignore the importance of sleep, and they only sleep for a couple of hours per night, to be able to get by. Well, sorry to inform you, but there’s simply no way, in which you can go around sleeping. You need to take the full 8 hours that you need (or more or less, depending on the constitution of your body), to be in top shape. And it’s best for you to sleep at night, and not during the day. If you resolve your problems with sleep, then you’ll see the results in the improvement of your sex life.

There are many other causes of a low erection hardness, though going through them all would take a full book on the subject. We’ve mentioned here some of the most important ones, and we’ve also suggested a few ways, in which you can improve your condition, so you can once again enjoy your sex life.

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