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To optimize fertility, men should start prepping their bodies three months before trying to conceive. Try these tips to put the odds in your favor.

1. Lose weight

An ideal BMI increases testosterone, Improving sperm count, and libido.

2. Quit smoking

Smoking lowers fertility.

3. Take a break from biking

Biking over 12 hours per week puts added stress on testes.

4. Skip the Hot Tub

Sperm needs to stay cool to perform their best.

5. Keep the laptop of the lap

Heat raises sperm temperature – and can lower sperm count.

6. Try couples’ acupuncture

It may improve sperm quality and count.

7. Skip lubricant during sex

Gel makes it harder for sperm to swim.

8. Watch a sexy movie

It boosts testosterone and improves the quality and number of sperm.

9. Have sex once a day

Especially during ovulation – abstinence over one day decreases sperm Motility.

10. Make love in the missionary position

Prop your hips up, and you will put gravity on your side!

11. Take herbal supplements

You can use natural supplements that will increase your sperm count. We can recommend you PeakVita Semen Volumizer Pills.

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