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What are the Real Ingredients of Sperm Volume Pills

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Ingredients of Sperm Volume Pills


It is known that today there is a considerable amount of remedies on a natural basis, which action is aimed at eliminating sexual dysfunction. Preparations for increasing the volume of the sperm are crucial during the treatment of sexual disorders of the male body.


Today we will examine the components of the remedies for improving the quality and volume of seminal fluid released during ejaculation.


Cordyceps is an ingredient that helps to normalize testosterone levels;


The San Gomu herb positively affects the work of the cardiovascular system, which actively functions during sex;


Herbal mix Honghua Feng and Hee Lan Rou Gee is a natural aphrodisiac. The main influence of this mix is to stimulate blood circulation into the penis, as well as prevent premature ejaculation;


The root of ginger increases libido, thus stimulating sexual desire and producing a large amount of sperm while the process of ejaculation;


Pollen of the Swedish flower performs as an excellent preventive agent against impotence and insufficiently strong erection;


Amino Acid L-Arginine. The lack of this substance in the body contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction. The amino acid stimulates the production of a hormone, which is responsible for the normal volume and quality of the seminal fluid;





L-Lysine is another amino acid which used a component of most biologically active food additives. It positively affects the reproductive function of the body, stimulates the production of sperm, increases the activity of sperm;


The leaves of Epimedium are a plant that has been used by oriental healers for many years. The effect of the component has a complex impact on men's health. It helps to increase sexual endurance, desire, and sensitivity of the genitals. This plant stimulates the production of testosterone - a hormone that directly and positively affects the production of sperm;


Zinc oxide is a substance that takes part in the production of sperm. The lack of zinc in the body reduces sexual capacities;


L-carnitine is an amino acid that increases the sperm activity. And this, in turn, positively affects the reproductive capacity of the male body;


The root of Maca is the most powerful Peruvian plant, without which no product for increasing the potency and normalization of sexual function could be produced;


Pumpkin seeds contribute to improving sexual health, as well as strengthening the tone of the entire body;


Iron takes part in the process of producing testosterone. A small amount of iron in the male body reduces the activity of sperm and the quality of ejaculation.


This list consists of the most basic components, without which none of the remedies for improving sexual health can fully and effectively influence.