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How Do Male Enhancement Creams and Gels Work?

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Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction issues are not uncommon nowadays. Modern men have to endure stressful situations almost every day. They are expected to meet high standards and keep pace with the dynamic rhythm of contemporary life. As a result, the overall condition of the man's body worsens, which leads to the weakening of his potency.

No one talks about this problem because erectile dysfunctions are akin to a disaster from a man's perspective. In this case, innovative remedies are real salvation. Creams and gels will restore your former sexual vigor and strength, which will give you back your self-confidence.


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#1. VigRX Oil Male Enhancement Cream



VigRX Oil


This remedy is a male enhancement oil with a unique formula. VigRX Oil is 100% natural and safe for men's sexual health. The arousing oil is quickly absorbed by the skin. It tones up the male reproductive system, helps maintain the erection, and improves the blood circulation in the penis.


 VigRX Oil consists of the following ingredients:


    • A vitamin complex;
    • L-Arginine HCI;
    • Sorbic acid;
    • Ginkgo biloba;
    • Panax Ginseng root;
    • Ptychopetalum Olacoides
    • Epimedium;
    • Aloe Vera.


The VigRx Oil composition also includes several oils: olive, apricot, and Shea oils.

 What Are The Results of using VigRx Oil?


    • Ejaculation control;
    • The enhanced firmness of the penis;
    • Almost instantaneous.


VigRX Oil should be rubbed into the penis twice a day for several months.



#2. ProSolution Gel Review



ProSolution Gel


 The Prosolution gel includes:


    • Dandelion seeds;
    • Reishi mushrooms;
    • Momordica;
    • Asparagus Racemosus;
    • Arjuna;
    • Cordyceps;
    • Fucus Vesiculosus.


 ProSolution Gel real results:


    • Enhanced sensations during orgasm;

    • Boosted sexual activity;

    • Elimination of erectile dysfunctions;

    • Increased levels of testosterone;

    • Stirring up of the functioning of the prostate gland.


Also, the gel improves the blood circulation in the penis. ProSolution Gel should be applied half an hour before the sexual intercourse.



Titan Gel review



Titan Gel


 The composition of the gel comprises:


    • Epimedium;
    • Lepidium Meyenii;
    • Thistle;
    • The Lichen juice extract.


This remedy will not only restore the former firmness of your penis but also magnify its size by as much as 3 cm!


 Titan Gel Produces The Following Effects:


    • Prolonged sexual intercourse;

    • Long-lasting erections;

    • Enhanced sensations during intimacy;

    • Penis growth.


To achieve a long-lasting effect, you need to rub the gel into your penis daily for 30 days. It's recommendable to purchase the remedy only from trusted sellers and official distributors.





How can a cream help boost an erection in a minute?


Weak erection and lack of stamina during sexual intercourse can lead to big problems in the sexual life of partners. Manifestations of symptoms of erectile dysfunction occur in men not only with age, but also due to various chronic diseases, malnutrition, disturbed sleep patterns, certain medications, and alcohol or drug abuse. Therefore, a man must understand that by adjusting his lifestyle, you can significantly improve the quality of sexual life. Along with this, there is one effective and proven tool that can help a man achieve a strong and powerful erection in a few minutes.


In today's market there are a large number of drugs that can effectively deal with the negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction - food additives, creams, water pumps and extenders. The fastest way to achieve a strong and powerful erection is to use natural creams. The active components of the cream instantly penetrate the focus of the problem through the skin and begin to safely act on it. The composition of the creams includes ingredients that activate blood circulation, which is the main criterion for a strong and powerful erection. 


The flow of blood, entering the cave tissues and blood vessels of the penis, contributes to the extreme sexual activity of the penis, increases stamina and makes orgasms saturated and intense. Therefore, if you want to look worthy in bed in front of your sexual partner, we recommend that you do not hesitate to order such funds. Note that most porn stars actively use erection stimulants in the process of shooting films for adults.


Using male enhancement creams is the best alternative to pills.


Among the effective ways to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, one more can be distinguished, namely the intake of natural food additives. However, the action of biological additives cannot guarantee the obtaining of such a quick result, as it happens in the process of using the cream.


Another advantage that puts the use of male enhancement cream in the first place is that during the action of its active components there are no side effects. Taking natural food supplements can cause a number of side effects, which manifest themselves in the form of migraines, dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. Also, the use of the cream has almost no absolute contraindications, therefore it is allowed to apply to the surface of the penis to almost all representatives of a strong half of the population, with the exception of our young people under the age of majority.


Note that, compared to a convenient and quick cream application process, taking natural food supplements can be somewhat difficult. After all, the patient should take tablets regularly, and the effect of some of them is directly tied to food intake. In turn, applying the cream does not need to comply with such strict rules. It is enough to apply the cream on the surface of the penis before the start of sexual intercourse, and after a few minutes the man will be in full combat readiness.


Benefits creams Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil, Instant Performer


Among the variety of creams for enhancing erections and getting rid of symptoms of erectile dysfunction, several products can be distinguished - Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil and Instant Performer. These are high-quality, safe and effective drugs that affect the problem of weak erections almost instantly. The action of the above creams has been repeatedly tested in clinical and laboratory studies. This fact is officially confirmed by quality certificates that were issued to manufacturers in the course of research.


The entire proposed line of creams has an affordable price, which is significantly lower than the cost of natural food additives. Therefore, buying a cream, the user receives not only a quick and safe result, but also significantly saves his budget.


A Brief Review of Creams for Improving Erection Quality


In this review, we will consider the most popular options for effective and fast-acting creams, the action of which is aimed at improving the quality of the sexual function of the male body:

  • Prosolution Gel is a gel-like preparation for external use, the purchase of which is carried out without a prescription. Due to the unusual sweep structure, the active components of the gel penetrate the code as quickly as possible and begin to affect the problem after one minute. The gel is quickly absorbed into the dermis, leaving no greasy marks on clothing. Eucalyptus, which is part of the cream, not only provides a pleasant aroma, but also improves blood circulation in the penis. With the correct and constant use of Prosolution Gel, you can achieve positive results that will last for several years, after 60 - 90 days. The manufacturer claims that Prosolution Gel is one of the best ways to solve hormonal, sexual and psychological problems. As a rule, all these disorders occur against a background of decreased libido, which Prosolution Gel can effectively cope with;
  • VigRX Oil - cream, 60% consisting of essential oils of plants. The natural composition of VigRX Oil cream safely and effectively fights against all signs of erectile dysfunction, the main of which is a weak erection. The innovative product formula for outdoor use ensures quick, positive results. The action of the drug is based on the principle of transdermal delivery, the essence of which is the penetration of active components through the layers of the dermis. At the same time, the effectiveness of the drug from the moment of application to before the substances penetrate the skin does not decrease slightly, because the process of their splitting with stomach acid (as in the case of taking natural food additives) is completely excluded;
  • Instant Performer is a cream that belongs to the category of recently developed and released means to stimulate an erection. And during the action of the natural active components of the drug, a man receives not only a stronger and more powerful erection, but also gets rid of other common signs of erectile dysfunction - premature ejaculation, lack of stamina and excitability, short sexual intercourse, etc. Instant Performer is a safe, clinically tested product. , which has no contraindications for use, and also does not provoke the occurrence of negative side reactions. The manufacturer guarantees its users that the result obtained after passing the six-month course of treatment will remain for several years.


Every man can choose the perfect cream for himself, which is able to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of erectile dysfunction, due to which it will be possible once and for all to change his sex life for the better.


The main active ingredients of creams


Consider a list of the main active components of plant origin, which are part of the creams Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil, Instant Performer:


  • L-arginine is a worldwide known amino acid that provides synthesis of nitric oxide in the body, a compound that positively affects the stimulation of blood circulation in the penis;
  • Aloe vera juice is an effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that softens and moisturizes the dermis. The main role of this component is to enhance the action of other active components;
  • Bearberry extract is an antibacterial agent that effectively copes with various genitourinary infections;
  • Algae extract has a positive effect on the skin, and also contributes to better penetration of the active components of the cream;
  • Mango oil acts as an excellent lubricant. In addition, mango oil has a mild stimulating effect;
  • Menthol is an excellent tool that, with its warming effect, helps stimulate blood flow to the penis, due to which the man instantly experiences an improvement in the quality of an erection;
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf extract is an excellent tool that increases the concentration of testosterone in the male body, thereby improving the performance of sexual activity;
  • Vitamin C - an effective tool that has a tonic effect, including improves the performance of sexual function;
  • Poppy root is an aphrodisiac of plant origin, which increases libido, improves sexual stamina and helps test more intense orgasms.


How do creams work? Way to use them


Creams to enhance erection and improve potency work quite simply. The principle of their action is the rapid penetration of active components through the skin. Due to this, blood circulation in the penis is activated, due to which the erection becomes powerful, strong and lasting. As soon as the action of the active substances of the cream is over, exclusively natural processes of the body come into effect, and to obtain another positive result, the use of the cream should be started again.


The method of using natural creams is not difficult. It is enough for a man to apply a small amount of cream on the pubic area and penis with rubbing circular movements until completely absorbed. The action of the active components begins after 5 to 10 minutes. Use an activating erection cream should be before each sexual intercourse.


How long does the result last?


The duration of preservation of the result obtained from applying natural cream directly depends on the product chosen by the client, as well as the physiological characteristics of the body. As a rule, a powerful and strong erection pleases a man for 2 to 10 hours. Note that with regular use of the cream, after 6 months, the application of an activating agent can be abandoned for a certain period.


Which is better, natural nutritional supplements or cream?


Many men are interested in the question of which means of stimulating an erection gives a longer-lasting result, cream or nutritional supplements? Of course, to obtain a long-lasting and long-lasting effect, the duration of which can reach several years, you should undergo a full course of treatment with natural food additives. Despite the fact that the cream has a quick-acting effect, the result of its use remains for only a few hours.


How to choose a quality male enhancement cream?


In order for the client to be sure of the excellent quality of the cream, its high efficiency and safety of use, it should be remembered that the purchase of such a product should be carried out only on the official website of the manufacturer. He guarantees his customers excellent results, in the absence of which the money will simply be returned to the buyer. In turn, in the process of choosing a cream, the client should pay attention to the following aspects:


  • Product Certification. Documents attesting to the high quality of the product and its effectiveness should be stamped;
  • The availability of information about clinical trials, during which independent expert organizations checked the effect of the cream;
  • Patented current formula;
  • Only natural ingredients, the action of which does not cause the occurrence of negative adverse reactions;
  • The minimum number of contraindications;
  • The presence of positive customer reviews;
  • The recommendations of medical professionals regarding the use of a product.


Before starting to use natural cream, a man should carefully study the manufacturer's instructions, and without fail to check the product for allergenicity. To do this, a small amount of cream is applied to the inner surface of the wrist, if after a short period of time redness, irritation, rash or itching appear on the skin, most likely the product caused an allergic reaction. Its further use is possible only when mixed with any moisturizer in an individually selected proportion.


VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Supplement


In order to get a positive result much faster, and its effect pleased the patient for a long period of time, andrologists recommend that, along with the application of the cream, start a course of taking the natural food supplement VigRx Plus. The composition of the biological product is 100% natural, it includes components of plant origin. The nutritional supplement VigRx Plus has a complex effect on the male body, and most importantly, it does not mask the problem, but completely eliminates it. As a result of taking VigRx Plus tablets, a man has the opportunity to experience the following series of positive results:


  • Stronger and more powerful erection;
  • Prevention of premature ejaculation;
  • A long session of sexual intercourse;
  • Increased seminal fluid during ejaculation;
  • A greater number of active sperm, which are directly involved in the fertilization of a mature egg;
  • More intense orgasms;
  • Increased libido;
  • Psychological stability, which is achieved due to the confidence of men in their abilities and sexual capabilities.


An integrated approach to eliminating the problem of weak erection allows not only temporarily to obtain a favorable result, but also once and for all get rid of a common problem - erectile dysfunction.


Summing up, I want to note that creams are not able to solve the problem globally. To a greater extent, they are intended to temporarily improve the quality of an erection. And this, only for a while allows a man to feel strong and desirable. Therefore, in order to get a lasting result, patients should, along with the cream, start taking natural food supplements. Do not forget that the right way of life and a well-chosen diet, play an important role in terms of the sexual capabilities of the male body.

Creams and pills should be purchased only on the official website of the manufacturer. Thus, the client receives not only a high-quality drug, but also can save a good budget.