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7 Sperm Enhancement Foods that Work

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Sperm Enhancement Food



A lot of clinical studies have shown that male infertility in 80% cases is caused by the insufficient volume of seminal fluid that is released during ejaculation.

In addition to the huge number of food additives, stimulation of sperm production can be performed with the help of regular food. Let’s consider the top most popular ingredients, using which a man can increase the creation of the sperm by several times:


Brazil nut contains a useful trace element - selenium. This substance naturally stimulates the production of seminal fluid;


The root of Ginseng, which has long been equated with male sexuality and strength. Scientists have been proven that the regular use of this plant in any form significantly improves the sexual health. The root fully restores all reproductive processes after several months;


Garlic is a unique product that has a positive effect on all the functions and systems of the human body. Thanks to allicin, regular use of hot garlic helps to increase the amount of sperm, and stimulate the production of active sperm that takes part in the process of fertilization;


Chicken meat contains a huge amount of protein, vitamin B6, and zinc. These substances are essential for a full-fledged process of producing testosterone. Due to this, libido increases, the quality of sperm becomes an order of magnitude higher, and ejaculation does not come prematurely;


Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw and fried. Seeds are a useful source of a massive amount of vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for a full sex life;





Corn is an incredibly rich source of natural arginine - the main regulator of active sperm production;


Despite the fact that blueberries are incredibly useful for eyesight, this berry also contains a large amount of vitamin C, without which the sperm loses its mobility;


Almond nut is rich in a high amount of vitamin E. The component has a protective antioxidant effect on the body and also increases the amount of sperm;


Green leaves of spinach can quickly and efficiently shake up male sperm;


Oysters are not a cheap product, but it is very useful seafood, which most positively affects the sexual health of men. The components of the oyster take an active part in the development of male and female hormones. Shellfish belong to the category of natural aphrodisiacs, which stimulate sexual desire, increase sexual activity and sensitivity of genitals.


In case of regular use of all of the above products in your diet, be sure that soon the volume of seminal fluid will increase several times.